Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Draft Blogpoll ballot, week 2.

Here's my draft ballot for week 2. As always, feel free to comment and I may alter my vote before Brian's deadline of 10 a.m. Wednesday.
1Southern Cal--
3LSU 1
4Florida 1
5Texas 1
6Oklahoma 1
7Missouri 1
8Alabama 1
9East Carolina 17
10Ohio State 7
11Auburn 1
12Arizona State 1
13Texas Tech 1
14Wisconsin 1
15Kansas 1
16Brigham Young 2
17South Florida 2
18Oregon 1
19Oklahoma State 1
20Penn State--
21Wake Forest 2
22California 4
23Clemson 2
24Illinois 2

Dropped Out: South Carolina (#23), Tennessee (#24).

This was a tough one. I dropped OSU pretty significantly, even though a win on Saturday likely would elevate the Buckeyes to number one, and I may bump them up after a close loss. Still, I couldn't justify ranking them ahead of any of the teams I rank ahead of them. I debuted East Carolina at #9. While most of the rankings at this point are projection-based, East Carolina has filled out its resume more than any other team. It will be difficult for ECU to move up to any degree.

IU has the bye this week, of course, so I may actually deal with a bit of basketball if I have the time.

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