Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogpoll ballot, week 2.

As always, criticism is encouraged, as the ballots do not become final until Wednesday morning.
1Southern Cal 2
2Georgia 1
3Ohio State 1
8Missouri 4
9Alabama 13
10Auburn 1
11Arizona State 1
12Texas Tech 1
13Wisconsin 1
14Brigham Young 1
15South Florida 1
16Kansas 2
17Oregon 2
18Oklahoma State 5
19Wake Forest 2
20Penn State 5
21Clemson 13
22Illinois 2
23South Carolina 3
24Tennessee 7
25Kentucky 1

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#13), Michigan (#24).

A few thoughts:
  • I hope this ballot is roughly internally consistent. At this point in the season, it's still more about projection than resume. Still, my general philosophy is that at this point in the season, I won't penalize a ranked team too heavily for losing to another BCS conference program of any worth. Hence, Illinois dropped only two spots after losing to Missouri; Clemson remained ranked despite an awful showing against Alabama; Tennessee remained ranked after losing late last night to UCLA. I dropped Clemson so far because I was hesitant to rank the Tigers so high in the first place.
  • On the flip side, Alabama made a huge leap based on its whipping of Alabama, Missouri jumped up a few spots. Oklahoma State's five-spot jump had more to do with other teams dropping, but the Cowboys did travel a couple of time zones away and beat Washington State.
  • Finally, I have already flip-flopped on my number one. Virginia isn't very good, but traveling across the country in week one and playing like that drew my attention, and SC is number one until further notice.

Games watched: IU-Western Kentucky, and parts of Illinois-Missouri, Minnesota-NIU, and Tennessee-UCLA.

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