Monday, September 22, 2008

Blogpoll draft ballot, week 4.

Here's the first draft of the ballot I will be submitting. Games watched: CMU-Purdue, ND-Michigan State, IU-Ball State.

1Southern Cal--
9Texas Tech--
11Brigham Young 3
12South Florida 1
13Oklahoma State 3
14Penn State 3
15Wake Forest 4
16Auburn 5
17Kansas 1
18Clemson 2
19Illinois 2
20Utah 2
21Oregon 6
22Ohio State 2
23Vanderbilt 2
24Boise State 2
25East Carolina 13

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#23).

I felt bad about dropping Auburn so far, but they did lose at home, and I could quite justify putting them ahead of the others there. Obviously, they will have the opportunity to move up. Oklahoma State may be overranked, but they play Texas, TT, Oklahoma, and Mizzou (not in a row). They will either earn it or they will drop. Boise is the only newcomer to the poll.
I thought about Ball State, and will keep an eye on the Cardinals. After playing tough non-conference schedules for so long, they picked the wrong year to dumb it down.

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