Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogpoll draft ballot.

Here it is. I watched IU-MSU, Notre Dame-BC, parts of Michigan-Purdue, parts of UK-LSU, parts of Penn State-Wisconsin. I really struggled about what I should do with the three one-loss SEC teams. LSU beat South Carolina which beat Kentucky which beat LSU. Ultimately, I went with LSU-So Car-Kentucky based on some amorphous combination of preseason expectations, hunch about where the teams will end up, and impressiveness of the win against whichever one loss team.

1Ohio State 2
2South Florida 2
3Boston College 2
4Arizona State 3
5LSU 4
6South Carolina 2
7Kentucky 13
8Kansas 3
9California 7
10Oregon 1
11Oklahoma 1
12Missouri 6
13West Virginia--
14Virginia Tech 4
15Florida 2
16Southern Cal 1
17Auburn 1
18Tennessee 5
20Cincinnati 8
21Texas Tech 4
22Michigan 4
23Kansas State 3
24Texas 2
25Georgia 1

Dropped Out: Illinois (#14), Florida State (#21), Wisconsin (#22), Purdue (#24).

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Anonymous said...

How does Oklahoma drop after beating your previously sixth ranked team?