Monday, September 24, 2007

Very initial thoughts on Iowa.

Iowa Hawkeyes
2007 record: 2-2 (0-1)
2007 Sagarin: 43 (IU is 71)
2006 record: 6-7 (2-6) (lost to Texas in Alamo Bowl)
2006 Sagarin: 51
Series: Iowa leads, 26-38-4
Last IU win: 2006 (31-28 in Bloomington)
Last Iowa win: 2005 (38-21 in Iowa City)
Last IU win in Iowa City: 1999 (38-31)
For the first time this season, IU plays a team with a blog, Black Heart Gold Pants. I haven't had much of a chance to look at Iowa's results in detail. I know that they looked OK against NIU, spanked Syracuse, inexplicably lost to an awful Iowa State team, and played pretty well in a loss at Wisconsin. I'll take a look as the week transpires. Certainly, the Hawks seem likely to be revenge-minded, given IU's come-from-behind win last season, but beyond that, with a trip to Penn State next week, Iowa just needs a win. So do we.
This is, believe it or not, one of IU's most competitive series against a Big Ten opponent. IU is within 11 games of .500 against Minnesota, but Iowa leads the series by only 12 games. This has been a series of streaks recently. IU had lost three in a row before last year's upset. IU previously enjoyed a modest three-game winning streak against the late Fry/early Ferentz teams of 1998-2000. Iowa had won three in a row before that (1995-97) following a two year IU winning streak (1993-94). In the current "dark age" of IU football, the 13 plus seasons since IU's last bowl bid, IU has won more games against Iowa (5) than any other Big Ten school. So, the IU-Iowa series has been surprisingly competitive, but IU is a clear underdog (+12 this morning). More as the week continues.


Hawkeye State said...

We may have our differences, but can we all agree that it's pathetic that there are no Illini blogs?

Champaign sucks.

Good luck this week.

John M said...

There is one somewhat active one (linked on the sidebar), so I guess my statement was not entirely correct, but he hasn't joined our group for whatever reason. It's probably for the best. Illinois and Purdue are the two fanbases that make it very difficult for me to play nicely. KatsTMill seems like a good guy, but I don't know if I could be civil to Purdue and Illinois bloggers at the same time.

Bellanca said...

There were three concussions in the IA-WIS game, and at the end, PJ just lay there until one of his linemen helped him up. So bring your hardhats, Hoosiers. We've got three or four freshman defenders who will blow up people -- only they're not good enough to get on the field.

On the bright side, for you, our free safety and middle linebacker may both be out, and that's a lot of uncertainty in the middle of the field for Mr. Hardy. And did I mention that both of our upperclassmen receivers got hurt and are likely done for the year? Last, our offense has two seniors who play, both running backs.

We went four wide with ... four freshman. They don't harmonize, but they're sticking their noses in there. Run-DJK looks like no one so much as Randle-El. Hope he gives you nightmares.

Mac G said...

I did not realize Indy had beat Iowa 5 times over the past 13 years. I do remember Antwan Randle El owning the Hawks. He might have had 1500-2K total purpose yards in his 4 games against Iowa.

John M said...

As I said, it's been a series of streaks. IU has had good luck against nearly all of Iowa's mediocre-to-bad teams (doesn't sound like much, but hell, look at what Minnesota did to us last year). The 69 point turnaround from 1997 to 1998 transition was the biggest score turnaround in NCAA history. Iowa won 62-0 in 1997 and IU won 14-7 in 1998.