Saturday, September 22, 2007

Third quarter thoughts.

  • Phenomenally stupid play by Lewis. You have to get it past the line of scrimmage. Everyone knows that.
  • 12:09 Well, this is time for the defense.
  • And, a blocked punt. Sorry defense. This one could get out of hand.
  • Glen Mason thinks Illinois should rely on Williams's arm, yet IU should rely on Kellen's feet. That's why you're in the booth, Glen.
  • 11:00 That's the Isiah Williams we all know and love. Thank you.
  • 9:38 Wasted.
  • 8:25 need a three and out
  • 8:06 didn't get it.
  • 6:50 The defense is doing its part this quarter.
  • 6:39 F me. How often does a punt do that? Once a year?
  • 5:10 We just can't string together a handful of decent plays. Great run by Payton, two plays of crap.
  • Sounds like sour grapes, but that should have been a 15 yarder on the third down cheap shot. The ball flew in front of the defensive back's eyes.
  • 1:51 We're getting thrashed. We may find a way to win this, but we are going to need the Illini's help.
  • Atrocious, game ending call. He dropped it.
  • And Zook is fucking stupid enough to try to help us out. Why in the world are they throwing the ball? I'll take it.
  • :00 Sears is still on the team. Where has he been?

Stats through 3:

  • Yards: Illinois leads 314-266
  • Rushing: Illinois and 216 and 6.o per; IU has 111 and 4.1 per
  • Williams is 13-28 for 97 (2 INT); Lewis is 16-29, 155
  • Turnovers are now even.
  • We've punted 5 times, Illinois 4.

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Tom said...

excellent point on Mason. I've been watching the whole game and Williams has been terrible. He's throwing behind wide open receivers all day. Why would Illinois want to go on his arm when Mendenhal has been tough for Indiana to handle.

I still feel that Indiana can get back into this but Lewis is going to have to lead them.

After watching this game I do feel better my gopher's chances at winning a game or two in the B10.

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