Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogpoll, Provisional Week 3.

1Southern Cal--
2LSU 6
4Florida 2
5Texas 1
6Penn State 7
7Ohio State 1
8South Carolina 11
10West Virginia 5
11Oregon 14
12Nebraska 2
13Georgia Tech 5
14Louisville 4
15Texas A&M--
16Boston College 6
17UCLA 6
18Missouri 6
19Georgia 12
20Wisconsin 3
21Auburn 9
22Miami (Florida) 6
23Tennessee 3
24Washington 2
25TCU 4

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#11).
  • LSU: yeah, yeah, you were right, I was wrong, blah, blah, blah.
  • Georgia: ditto.
  • Wisconsin: I told you so.
  • Washington: There's a fair chance that the Huskies will lose the next five, but at this point, they flew across the country and spanked a quasi-BCS conference team, then flew home and ended the nation's longest winning streak.
  • TCU: I'm sure some voters will move TCU up because of a fine three quarter performance in Austin. Still, they lost by three touchdowns. I want to try to treat non-BCS teams fairly, but there isn't a BCS conference team in the country that would move up after losing by three touchdowns anywhere to anyone.
  • Miami: I'm sure some might question leaving Miami in the poll while dropping VT, but at least Miami has looked impressive once, against Marshall, a team that played credibly against WVU this week.

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