Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogpoll draft ballot, week 13.

Too late for inclusion in the preliminary poll, I fear, but open to modification until Wednesday.

1Alabama --
2Texas Tech --
3Texas --
4Florida --
5Oklahoma --
6Southern Cal --
7Penn State --
8Oklahoma State --
9Missouri 3
10Ohio State 1
11Utah --
12Boise State 2
13Georgia --
14Michigan State --
15Ball State --
16Oregon State 6
17LSU 3
18Miami (Florida) 8
19Boston College 7
20Pittsburgh 1
21Cincinnati 2
22Maryland 4
23North Carolina 7
24Brigham Young 3
25TCU 7

Dropped Out: Florida State (#17), Tulsa (#24), California (#25).
Late update: I flipped BYU and TCU.


Anonymous said...

LSU almost loses to Troy at home and you move them up 3 points?

John M said...

That's a fair point, but I don't really look at my prior week's ballot before filling it out. While style points do matter, they ultimately won the game by more than a touchdown. As it stands, LSU has lost only to Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. The question isn't so much where they were ranked last week, but what teams below LSU have a better claim to the #17 spot?

effay said...

-I agree with anonymous that you have LSU way too high. I actually think every team below them has a better claim to their spot.
-I like where you have OSU and Mizzou.
-The Ball State love-fest is killing me. They haven't even played the two best teams in their conference yet, and they've only played 1 team with a winning record so far (6-4 Navy). 1! I would give you huge props if you could tell me they would beat TCU with a straight face.
-Speaking of TCU, I think you have them way underrated. They played OU tougher than anyone but UT has, they lost to your #11 team by 3 and they butchered BYU 32-7.
-This brings me to another point. Regardless of where you put TCU there is no way they should be below BYU after they destroyed them and their only losses are to OU and Utah.

John M said...

You're probably right about TCU and BYU. As for LSU, you could say the same thing about their losses: they have lost at Florida, to Georgia, and to #1 Alabama in overtime (that must impress you, if you are impressed by TCU's 35-10 loss to Oklahoma). Their slate of wins, while not great, is a bit better than TCU's. But again, I'll almost certainly mix things up in regard to TCU and BYU.

I think Ball State is very good, and they picked the wrong year to downgrade their schedule. Even if they win their conference, they will end up facing Illinois or Northwestern or Wisconsin in the Motor City Bowl. Rest assured, they are parked at #15 and their schedule will prevent them from moving up.