Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogpoll ballot, championship week.

Here it is. I surfed between ND-Stanford and Kentucky-Tennessee, caught much of LSU-Arkansas and parts of Texas-Texas A&M.
1Missouri 2
2Ohio State 2
3West Virginia 3
4Kansas 3
5Georgia 2
6LSU 4
7Southern Cal 4
8Oklahoma 1
9Boston College 5
10Virginia Tech 2
11Arizona State 6
12Florida 3
13Illinois 3
14Tennessee 3
15Clemson 3
16Texas 4
17Virginia 4
18Wisconsin 3
20Cincinnati 2
21Brigham Young 2
22South Florida 4
23Auburn 3
24Connecticut 4
25Arkansas 1

Dropped Out: Oregon (#10), Kentucky (#24), Texas Tech (#25).
Most of the interest, of course, is at the top. I began with the premise that until and unless there is a playoff, I don't support the notion of a two loss national champion. So, there was no doubt that the four one-loss teams were going to be 1-4. Had I merely ranked them by gut without considering everything else, this is what I would have done. I had Missouri-OSU-WVU in that order last week, with KU number one and LSU number two. Obviously, the latter two dropped because of losses. Still, I considered a few objective measures, ranking these four teams internally:
BCS computer ranking:
1. Mizzou
2. WVU
3. OSU
4. KU
Sagarin schedule strength:
1. Mizzou
2. WVU
3. OSU
4. KU
BCS computer rank of the team that provided the only loss:
1. KU (1)
2. Mizzou (12)
3. WVU (15)
4. OSU (17)
Number of wins over BCS top 40:
1. OSU (3)
1. Mizzou (3)
3. WVU (2)
4. KU (0)
Doing the math, that would lead to a total ranking of 1. Mizzou (5), 2. WVU (10), 3. OSU (11), 4. KU (13). Going on my previous inclination, and given the close margin between OSU and WVU, the Buckeyes are second. So, yes, the whole objective exercise was mostly for show. I am a traditionalist at heart. I can't fathom the idea of a two loss national champ, and I don't respect the Big East. So there.

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