Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogpoll, Take 1.

Brian of mgoblog was kind enough to invite me to join the Blogpoll, a poll in which the members are not professional journalists or college head coaches (or student managers), but actually do watch more than one college football game a week. Per Blogpoll protocol, I am posting my initial draft of my first preseason Blogpoll ballot. My ballot must be finalized by Wednesday (10 a.m., I think), so any input before then is appreciated and will be considered.

1Southern Cal 25
2Texas 24
3Michigan 23
4Florida 22
5Georgia 21
6Virginia Tech 20
7Tennessee 19
8Oklahoma 18
9West Virginia 17
10Ohio State 16
11Louisville 15
12California 14
13Auburn 13
14Penn State 12
15LSU 11
16Nebraska 10
17Florida State 9
18South Carolina 8
19Texas A&M 7
20Wisconsin 6
21Miami (Florida) 5
22Notre Dame 4
23Missouri 3
24Boston College 2
25UCLA 1

Dropped Out:
A few thoughts on what I came up with here:
  • As someone who doesn't necessarily devour preseason football mags, my emphasis is on the known. My top three teams return experienced, high-quality quarterbacks. Teams 4 through 8 are led by coaches with long histories of success. Pretty conservative here.
  • I'm a Mack Brown apologist. If it's so easy to win at Texas, how come no UT coach between Darrell Royal and Brown managed to do so with any consistency? Now that Colt McCoy has played a full season, who can beat the Longhorns? Against all conventional wisdom, I may move the 'Horns up to #1.
  • I have LSU rated way low compared to most preseason polls. Les Miles just seems a bit erratic, a bit like Zooker and Johnelle, and they lost Jamarcus Russell. While I wouldn't be shocked to see LSU in the top 10 and in the SEC championship, I would be much more surprised to see the Tigers in the BCS title game that I would be to see them in 3rd or 4th place in the SEC West.
  • As I noted earlier, I don't quite get the fascination with Wisconsin. Yes, the Badgers lost only once last season, but they lost a productive, experienced quarterback and the league's best offensive lineman. UW will be fine, but I will be surprised if they don't lose three games in the regular season.
  • The last 5 of the poll are tough to pick, particularly with no actual games to consider. The hideous trend in non-conference scheduling may make it tough to make sense of things until mid-October.

Again, your thoughts are welcome and encouraged.

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