Thursday, January 8, 2009


I would have rather lost by 20. As I was going to say in my gracious post-game victory post, it's an odd sensation to have a 17 point home lead and yet fear that Michigan's coach might engineer a comeback. I didn't feel that way when Michigan was good, let alone the last 10 years. The Big Ten is on its way back. We aren't quite yet. More tomorrow.


Peter said...

I'm a 1995 Michigan alum and my dad played ball for UM in the 1960s. Neither of us can remember a time when we thought coaching would win us a game. Beilein's current team is literally the very first time in our collective memory that we've felt that way.

I still don't think this UM team is going to do much more than one and done in the tourney, but that's overachieving in my view. I haven't ever seen overachievement by UM basketball, so I'm pleasantly surprised and encouraged.

BTW, Crean's a very good coach, looks to have a good class coming in next year, and IU will be back in the upper echelons of NCAA hoops in short order.

John M said...

For what it's worth, rumor has it that Beilein was the former IU AD's first choice before Sampson was foisted upon him. His teams are fun to watch when they aren't playing one's own team.