Monday, July 14, 2008

Billy Packer, RIP (RPI?).

Okay, he's not dead, and good for him. But good for us, at least those of us who don't follow the ACC: after allowing him for years to cultivate his reputation as the most loathed college basketball announcer, CBS finally has pulled the plug on Billy Packer (above on left, I think). I'm not sure if I'm thrilled that Clark Kellogg is getting the nod, but literally anyone would have been better than Billy.
That's a good start. Even better would be if Jim Nantz would take his schmaltzy act to NBC, where he could more appropriately put his skills to use by broadcasting Olympic gymnastics and figure skating. I can always hope that Nantz will be gone by the next time IU plays in the NCAA Tournament, but that doesn't do much good in the short term.


Happy Hour Valley said...

In that case, the guy on the right is likely Dick Enberg, which would totally make sense b/c "The Muppet Show" premiered in the 70's which was back when Enberg and Packer were calling the Final Four on NBC.

John M said...

I don't know. Enberg seems like a nice guy who likes his job, unlike Packer and the Muppet crumudgeons. The other one does look like Enberg, however. He could also pass for an older Jim Nantz.