Monday, March 17, 2008

NCAA to Big Ten: drop dead.

IU is seeded #8, playing an improving Arkansas team that finished second in the SEC tournament. If IU wins its first game on in Raleigh, NC on Friday, the Hoosiers will play top-ranked North Carolina on Sunday. Other than Michigan State, which is a five, #3 seed Wisconsin and #6 seed Purdue seem a bit low. Clearly, the Committee did not believe in the Big Ten this year, and IU in particular seems to have been knocked down because of its recent play. Much more later, of course.


Anonymous said...

lets Face it, Dakich coached them from #3/4 seed to #8. you lose to two sub .500 teams (Minnesota and Penn State) and get embarrassed by MSU on national TV in last two weeks and you get no respect. in he had coached them against Purdue and MSU the week prior, IU would not even be in the NCAA.

Anonymous said...

A lousy seed, but there is an explanation.

Two words, folks - “Miles Brand.”

As the past President of Indiana University, he damaged Indiana sports, including not just basketball, but also football, more than anyone in history.

And for his failures as the steward of Indiana University and its storied athletics program, Brand was kicked upstairs to the Presidency of the NCAA!! Wouldn’t you think that the NCAA would want someone who had been successful in boosting athletics at his university?

I would add that, in his current position, he has continued his “stellar record” with, among other things, his politically correct attack on team mascots that wiped out, among others, Chief Illiniwek for our friends, the University of Illinois.

In fact, perhaps the very name “Indiana” incurs his wrath for the same reasons. It is, after all, resonant with the history of the state as a location occupied by Native Americans.

Maybe Mr. Brandt will be happy when the University (and State) are renamed “Lower Ohio-area State Educational Reserve University. That would remove the Native American implications of our state name and make IU into “LOSER U” for short.

By stamping Indiana with a permanent “LOSER” moniker, Brand would have achieved ALL of his goals and could retire.

Badger Tracker said...

I was absolutely floored to see IU at an 8. I thought IU was way low, MSU was a little high, and Wisconsin and Purdue were probably where they belong. (Purdue at a 4 would probably work.)

John M said...

I was so stunned that after the screen rolled over, I had to get online to see who we played. I didn't even notice. More often than not in the last 15 years, I have thought we were overseeded. As dysfunctional as this team is, and accepting that we have multiple problems and never equaled the sum of our parts even at best, if Eric Gordon rediscovers his jumper this will a much better team.